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As one comes towards the end of life, a desire to leave a legacy to those who continue their earthly journey begins to stir. Memories of a lifetime begin to emerge with the mention of someone from the past or a with a visit to a fondly remembered place. One’s legacy is not only the material goods that are transferred at one’s passing but the profound moments and significant people and challenges that were part of a lifetime that moved from childhood through old age in a world that was constantly changing. What will you leave behind? This app offers you an opportunity to create a permanent legacy that will chronicle your time on earth and bring inspiration and comfort to the generations that follow.

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What made you the person you are today? What are some of your biggest influences? What events impacted you the most?

Opportunities and decisions

What are some of the biggest decisions you made? How did they impact your life? Would you have make the same decision again?

Accomplishments and challenges

What did you accomplish that surprised you? How did you succeed in that? What challenges have you faced? How did you overcome them?